Experience the future as AeonzEverything goes to PlayLab Ph, Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas, Manila. Have your kids have fun to the newest digital indoor playground with lots of attractions like slides, interactive games, and other newest lightning technology.

PlayLab Ph, Ortigas, Manila

December 3, 2018
By Aby  Aby

Welcome to the one of the digital parks here in Manila with interactive attractions for kids and adults to explore on.

PlayLab Ph Ortigas Entrance
Location: Robinsons Galleria Ortigas (Level 4 beside Kidzoona)
Entrance Fee: Kids 450.00 per head for first 2 hours, Adult 225.00 per head for the first 2 hours, and children below 6 years old should be accompanied by a guardian.

10 am - 9pm Sunday to Thursday
10am - 10pm Fridays and Saturdays

Socks are required in the play area.
PlayLab Ph Magic color pencil attraction

Magic Color Pencil
Upon entering, one of the attractions you will see is the Magic color pencil game wherein giant color pencil can be used to put colors on the interactive images. Kids can also simply touch, slide, tap on the screen to put colors on it.
PlayLab Ph Fantasy Water Flow Attaction

Fantasy Water Flow
Kids can interact with this game by drawing and guiding their fingers to direct the movements of the water towards the plants.
PlayLab Ph Rainbow Tree Attraction

Rainbow Tree
Kids can also have fun in the Rainbow Tree area by climbing the tree and swinging on its branches.

Or.... You can play the video as Aeonz plays and interacts with the following attractions:
  • Magic color pencil
  • Fantasy water flow
  • Let's play ball
  • Let's slide
  • Playlab wall climb
  • Rainbow Tree
  • Draw and Scan
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