Breville Precision coffee brewer is known for its versatility and its precise control. Given these features, this might be the last coffee brew you will ever purchase.

Breville Precision Brewer Features Comparison

Which is the best feature in Breville precision brewer?
July 25, 2022
By Abby  Aby

Enjoying coffee every morning with the help of coffee makers that makes our busy life easier, we decided to try the breville precision brewer because of their known presets such as fast, gold, strong, ice coffee, cold brew and the customizable my brew mode (using your favorite pour over dripper, mug and adaptor). Users can adjust the temperature, blooming time and the water flow depending on their preference. As versatile as this product is, I can say that our daily coffee experiences are different every day.

To make my daily routine fast and clean in the kitchen I always used coffee server instead of big carafe. Generally, I love this coffee brewer for the following reason:

  • minimalist appearance
  • makes plenty of coffee up to 12 cup or using single mug replacing carafe in place
  • easy to clean
  • easy to use / precise control

Although, wishing that the water tank is detachable to make my routine much easier.

Breville Precision Brewer with Kinto Pour over in action
In comparing between my brew feature to gold, strong and fast features, we prefer to use light to medium roasted beans in a pour over setup while we use dark roasted beans in a gold, strong and fast settings. This brought out different flavor in the beans. We also tried same coffee beans medium roast to water ratio and surprisingly they did have variations in taste. which is the best feature in Breville precision brewer? for my opinion, the best feature among the four (gold, fast, strong and my brew) is my brew since I can control the bloom time, flow rate and brewing temperature. Later on, we will compare the Iced and Cold Brew.
Breville Precision Gold settings using Cone filter basket and kinto coffee server.
Gold settings using Cone filter basket and kinto coffee server.
Breville precision using pour over kit
My brew settings using kinto brewer and coffee server.
Breville Precision coffee remains after using Gold brew.
Left over coffee grounds after gold brew.
Breville precision coffee remains after using Kinto pour over kit.
Left over coffee grounds after pour over
Breville Precision pour over adaptor.
You'll just have to remove the coffee filter basket and place the pour over adaptor.
Breville precision silicon pour over shower.
You have to turn the lock counter clock wise in order to remove the silicon brewer shower head then replace it with the pour over shower head.
Krups coffee grinder - Before
Krups grinder: Before
Krups coffee grinder - After
Krups grinder: After
Timemore Black Mirror coffee weighing scale
Timemore Black Mirror coffee weighing scale.
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